Pogonotrophy Project 1 - 5.9% ABV Cranberry Stout   A stout packed full of cranberries that we allowed to ferment naturally. Taking advantage of the wild yeast you will find in the air to bring out deep complex flavours.
  Pogonotrophy Project 2 - 8% ABV Blueberry Bretted Brut   We took a variety of different beers, fermented with a variety of yeast, from IPA to Belgian Tripel. Aged them in barrels for several years, blended back with fresh beer, blueberries and dry hopped with Mosaic and Bramling Cross.
  Pogonotrophy Project 3 - 6.3% ABV Barrel Aged Mixed Ferm Stout.   We took a number of our stouts,including Black Perle, Black Christmas, Decadence, and Something Something Dark Side, l. Aged them in barrels for several years and blended them with some fresher beer to bring you this barrel aged mixed ferm stout.
  Born Of Fire - 6.5%ABV A Mixed Ferm Rauchbier With Chillies   We took our classic Rauchbier, added chipotle chillies, then we left the fermenter open, much like they do with Flanders styles, and let the local yeast in the surrounding air inoculate and help fermentation.
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