What are we taking on....?

So here is a bit more info about the proposed brewery location. All photos taken by Mike from Ellenberg's Brewery and reproduced on here with his kind permission.

Located under the tube line between South Harrow and Rayners Lane.

It has two levels under the arches and a large single storey shed out the back. 3000+ sq ft altogether

Surrounded by car MOT and service places who have made a bit of a mess. Still - interesting theme for the beer garden...

No electricity at the moment as someone has nicked the fuses.

Some issues with damp....

But someone left us a conservatory inside!

The toilets need a bit of a clean.

All very dark in the shed as they boarded up the windows...

...but plenty of space.

Upstairs is in reasonable condition.

These are our plans done in high tech Excel.

A lot of work to be done, including a new roof on the shed as it is rusted through in many places.

More photos below.