Where We Are At!

Having done the philosophising in the last post, this will set the picture of where we are at with Weird Beard Brew Co. 

We have formed a company, two major share holders Gregg  @dredpenguin and Bryan @WeirdBeardBryan.

We have a logo, a website and a deal with some guys doing T-shirts.

We have award winning homebrew recipes (I wonder if they will translate well into commercial ones...bloody hope so, it is a core part of the business plan!)

We have agreed to share premises with another LAB member who is starting Ellenburg's Brewery, reducing our capital expenditure and running costs. Hopefully there will be plenty of other benefits and not too much competition as we brew quite different beer styles.

We have found a potential location with the right amount of space and most importantly at the right price. It is in NW London and there are no other breweries near. It has some down sides. It is not in the most trendy part of town, nor is it surrounded with a plethora of craft beer outlets. It needs a new roof and a lot of TLC and a damn good makeover. However the good outweighs the bad and this is probably going to be the subject of another blog at another time.

We plan to brew beer that is modern and eclectic, using hops from every corner of the world (if we can get them), that match well with food and should appeal to CAMRA member and crafterati alike.

We plan to use all means of dispense, except perhaps cans. And avoid, like the plague, any craft vs cask fighting.

We hope to succeed!