Getting beer out there....EARLY!

Sometimes I think we are getting ahead of ourselves. We have a social media presence or twoT-shirts and hoodies available online and  a basic website...but no beer for anyone to try.

Yes, I have been handing out bottles of potential recipes to lots of people and getting some good feedback that will help us when it comes to going live. However, thanks to a couple of innovative publicans and event organisers, we have a chance to get a very small amount of prototype beer to the general public.

The first event is on Saturday 10th March at the Sebright Arms, at their Real Ale and Rocking Blues festival.

The Sebright Arms is a new establishment in Bethnal Green, open about 3 months and focusing on London beer. The landlord Charles is passionate about running a good pub and serving good beer and currently lets his kitchen out to Lucky Chip one of the best burger-makers in the capital. He has been kind enough to offer to showcase a very small number of bottles of some of our prototypes.

Two beers that should be available are:

plus one more as yet to be determined, perhaps a Summit IPA or Defenestration C-Hop lager.

As we are not legally allowed to sell these beers (yet) they will be given away on a first come, first served basis. If you are going to be at the festival, we can get beers set aside for bloggers and beer writers who may be interested, so drop me an e-mail.

Details of the second event in April are to come soon. There may be a bit of "meet the potential brewer" action as well at this event and hopefully a wider choice of beers (and some more of them!).