First exposure...Second exposure...

Those who follow the blog will know that we had some beers available at the Real Ale and Rocking Blues Festival at the Sebright arms last weekend.

Things did not go exactly to plan. The Sunshine Saison did not carbonate properly, and you can't release a flat saison now, can you? Hopefully it will get there and we can release it in a few months (or ideally weeks) time. So a late replacement with another single hop beer Summit to go along with the Rauchbier "Smoke" and Single Hop Citra.

Fortunately this was a good replacement and we have had some really good feedback on the the beers entered, including this excellent review at the Scavenger Gourmet. Frankly, I nearly fell off my chair when I read this review; to be compared to the Kernel at our stage of development is really pleasing as Evin and the boys are a big inspiration to us. However, feet back on the ground for a moment, it does set the bar rather high in people's expectations and we are going to have to work our socks off to live up to our first review.

Anyway, next thing to talk about is the latest chance to taste some more of our beers. We will be trialing 3 new prototypes in an informal "meet the not quite yet a brewer" event at the Egham Real Ale and Cider Festival on Thursday 5th April at 18:30. This is taking place at Egham United Services Club.

Definitely on show will be:

South Seas Pale which is full of Pacific Gem and Nelson Sauvin.

Five O'Clock Shadow, an IPA which has only bittering and dry hops, but loads of both.

Also possible options will be "Defenestration" a bottle conditioned Lager, "Decadence" Stout and "Fade to Black" a Cascadian dark ale. 

Hopefully we will see some of you along to say hello. Comments on branding as ever welcome.