Blog scope

Hi Followers...

Just a short note from the Weird Beard Team.

First of all thanks for following our blog and your interest in our beers and set-up tribulations.

Secondly we are slightly changing the scope of our blog. This blog will no longer carry news of Weird Beard Events or beer launches. For that information please go to Weird Beard News or check out the news section of our website.

This blog will be more detailed content. It will include photo blogs of brewdays and work in the brewery, we may even pop up a video or two. We may publish homebrew recipes of some of our beers . We may discuss the latest hop variety or some daft legislation that government has seen fit to bring in.  Maybe even mention our inability to get Sorachi Ace hops and how sad that makes us.

We hope you will still follow this blog and the news blog for your full fix of Weird Beard goodness.

I'll leave with a last event plug and reminder that we are launching Shark Biscuit our collaboration with the London Brewing Company and Daniel Vane

Get yourself to the Bull on Tuesday 9th October from 7pm . There is a 50p discount on Shark Biscuit for anyone wearing a Weird Beard or London Brewing Company T-shirt.

Oh and check out the great pump clip Dan has put together.