Week 1 build pictures.

We first applied for a lease way back in January 2012. It has been a long long wait, but earlier this week we finally signed on a unit in Hanwell, and collected the keys late on Thursday. Friday was our first day in the unit, and I’m sure there will be a blog about that soon.

But to start with we thought it would be a god idea to take a series of pictures each week, and post them, to track progress. So here is the first weeks pictures.

This is the view looking in from just outside of the large roller shutter at the front of the unit. It shows the main area, where the brew house and packing area will be. Try to ignore the suns glare that looks like a shard of glass.

This is again from just outside the roller shutter, but this time looking directly inside at where the cool room will be, and the gap in the mezzanine we will be using for loading.

This is the view from the gap in the mezzanine, looking down at the main brew house area.

 This is from inside the mezzanine area, looking at the current office area and hole to the main area.

Again on the mezzanine, but this time looking from the hole in the wall. 

The last picture is of a random bike with a siren attached, kindly left by the previous tenant. It also shows the back room which will be the fermenting room. You can also see the door to the mezzanine.The kitchen and WC is just out of sight on the left. Next time i may include a picture showing this.

We hope to be pushing forward at a pace now, as the 10bbl brew house, along with 4 shiny new fermenters should be with us by the end of November. But until next week, keep fighting the good fight and drinking the good stuff.