Week 4 Build Pictures

It’s Friday night, which means I have been at Unit 5 Boston Business Park with my camera for this week’s pictures. It has been a quieter week this week, probably the quietest since the day we got the keys. Right now we are waiting on a few things which are holding us up slightly, the biggest of which being the floor. But we do finally have some people coming in on Monday morning to start cutting the drains.

Gregg, Mike and I have mainly been doing small but necessary jobs, like getting the office/storage area on the mezzanine sorted, and general tidying.

From these first 2 pictures looking into the unit you can see the place as a whole is much tidier. There are 3 phase electric sockets on the walls, and the obligatory insurance document displayed. You can also notice a window on the mezzanine.

The shot looking down from the mezzanine again shows the power sockets, insurance documents and a nice clean floor. I do tend to keep mentioning the floor, but this has become a huge thorn in our sides, and has delayed us greatly.

The 2 shots of the mezzanine show where the greatest amount of work has happened this week. We have finished stuffing the floorboards at one end with insulation, as the cold room will be constructed below. This has allowed us to finally get all the new, stronger floorboards down. The kitchen sink has made it upstairs, and is 75% plumbed in, which means the rest of the kitchen and office will be up there in no time. You can also see we now have a window looking down to the fermentation area. This was always there, but had been painted over. Cleaning the paint of has made a big improvement to the overall feeling of the mezzanine.

The last picture, as always is the back fermentation room, which has been the office and kitchen for the last few weeks, that and general store room. Here you can see




having a discussion about the layout of the office area on the mezzanine.

Next week’s pictures should show a lot of progress hopefully. We hope to have a huge hole dug for the drains in the downstairs area and an office with kitchen on the mezzanine. If all goes well that is.