Week 7 Build Pictures

It's finished! Finally the floor is down, and usable. Although I think there are a few finishing touches for early next week, but nothing show stopping. It was a huge pleasure to walk into the unit and it not be a building site. I have a real positive feeling this week. Unfortunately it now looks like the remainder of the kit wont start turning up until just after Christmas, and install will now be in the new year.

We have a few new bits of kit coming over the coming week, and Mike will start plumbing in the hot and cold liquor tanks. The forklift we went to see this afternoon will hopefully also show up, meaning we can get the fermenters off of the Mezzanine and in position.

But it is the week before Christmas, so we will more likely be in the pub.

It was quite late by the time I got the take this weeks pictures, so the first couple are a little dark. But they do clearly show a nice green, relatively flat floor. It is actually slightly sloped towards the drain on the right hand side. You can also see some tables against the wall on the left. These will be used to construct our bottling line.

The shot from up on the mezzanine, which still doesn’t have a safety barrier, shows the green of the floor much better. Unfortunately the new floor does show up the mud from our shoes a lot more, but hey it’s waterproof, so easy to clean. You can also see the 10 meter linear drain on the left. We are super happy to have the floor in, and think it looks great.

The mezzanine is looking so much more cluttered this week. We had to remove everything from downstairs so the floor could go down. There are also a number of boxes from smaller deliveries, including bottle draining trees, fire extinguishers and plumbing bits for the liquor tanks. As soon as we get the forklift, and are comfortable with someone driving it, we will get the fermenters down and in position. 

I think this is the first time I have ever seen the back room clear, except for lonely fire extinguisher. Maybe next week there may be a couple of fermenters sat in there.

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