Week 9 Progress Pictures

What a difference a week makes.

For anyone embarking on an adventure like this, seeing a lorry carrying your brewhouse coming down the road is one of the best feelings. Well that's the feeling we all had on Friday when our brewhouse did arrive. We don't have everything yet, still waiting on 2 more fermenters and a hydrator among other things. We are also waiting on a firm date for the installers to come and plumb it all in. But we now actually have it.

But Friday was an exciting day, and we spent it positioning the brewhouse where it is permanently going to live. We positioned it right on front of the main door into the brewery for maximum impact, as it is the first thing you see as you enter. And i think you will agree that it looks pretty damn sexy. It is positioned just in front of the mezzanine, so we can load the mash tun from above.

Elenberg's brewery are going to be making a lot of continental styles, so we had a special mash tun made up that will allow him to do mashes with different temperature steps. So the mash tun has a stirring device inside and is jacketed, so temperature controlled water can be pumped through the jacket to alter the temperature. The funny martian looking thing above is the tank that holds and heats this water.

The brewhouse looked so good in place, we decided we wanted to get the 2 fermeters we had in position too.I'm not saying it was a well thought out decision, as each of these weigh around half a tonne, there were just 3 of us and we do not have our forklift yet. But with some ingenuity, a pallet truck and some adjustable straps they went up. The first one took about 2 hours, but we learnt a lot from this and the second only took around 30 minutes.

So to this weeks main pictures.

The pictures looking into the unit show our shiny new brewhouse in position. Soon, to the left there will be a cool room built.At the very far right on the mezzanine you can see the bottle filling tank ready to be plumbed in too.

Looking down from the mezzanine you can see the top of the brewhouse. You can also see the remains on the very flimsy wooden crate the 2 fermenters came in from China.

In all of the excitment of the day i forgot to take one of the pictures on the mezzanine office area. But not a lot has changed here. Mike has drilled some holes and attached some bits to the hot and cold liquor tanks, and some things have been moved around. But that is about it.

The back room finally has some fermenters. The other 2 will be positioned to the right, in front of the door, when they arrive.

Well, that is it for this week. We hope everyone has a good new year. And keep you eyes open for Weird Beard next year. 2013 will be the year of Weird Beard Brew Co.

All views and grammatical errors are those of WeirdBeardBryan and not the Weird Beard collective.