Week 10 Progress Pictures

It's Friday night, and that means it's blog writing time. Although it doesnt always happen that way, but i do try.

Not much to report this week unfortunately. People at the brewery seem to celebrate New Year over Christmas. As do a lot of people we are waiting on.

Good things that have happened include delivery of our forklift. Mike and myself couldn't resist having a little drive around, and are happy to say it actually fits under the mezzanine and all the way into the back room, if you are careful what route you take. This is a huge added bonus, as we didn't expect this at all. The fittings & fixtures, and pipes on the walls are now pretty much done for the hot and cold liquor tanks. We are pretty much just waiting for the brewery installers to come and connect it to their bits. And i have installed a half decent sound system, so we can listen to some top quality music to help inspire the creation of top quality beer.

We did unfortunately receive some bad news today though. It looks like we will not be seeing our brewery installers until around 21st January. We are ready and waiting for them now, and have been since the brewhouse arrived last week. This pushes back production yet another month pretty much. It is all down to the delays we had with the floor, as we were booked in for instillation at the beginning of December, but missed our window. It is not the end of the world, but a huge disappointment.

So this weeks pictures. Not a lot has changed, but it is traditional at this time of the week.

The only real noticeable difference in these pictures, is the bottling line starting to take shape along the wall on the right. And the forklift.

The obvious change here is that all the wood from the fermenter crates has gone. Only to be replaced by a 1968 VW bay camper van. That's mine, and I had a minor brake issue that meant I had to lock her away in the unit until I can work out what went wrong.

I actually remembered to take both of the pictures on the mezzanine this week. It is starting to look tidier and has the addition of a PC, microwave and sound system. Still more tidying to do though, and we expect some stock deliveries soon, along with some actual office furniture.

The back room is pretty much unchanged. Except a catering sink which now has legs and likes to hang out around the toilets. But that is out of shot.

Next week we hope to get the cold room up, get a few deliveries, and prepare for a very special 'piss up in a brewery' next weekend. But until then, have a good week all.

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