Week 14 Progress Pictures

We have been in the unit 3 months now. This is a bit of a mile stone for us, as when we were signing the contract we managed to negotiate the first 3 months rent free. We are not brewing yet, so in reality we are loosing money. But we planned for this, and the first brews, fingers crossed, are just over a week away.

It has been a moderately quiet week, with a few deliveries of cleaning chemicals, water treatment and pallet racking. We have been working hard on a lot of the back ground stuff, with Gregg and Bryan making a trip

Alchemy coffee

in Wimbledon to select some coffee beans for our Black Perle milk coffee stout.

Our welder has been in periodically, not as much as we would have liked, but he has made progress. As you can see from the picture above, the brew house is wired up and in position and most of the pipes are in the place. I wouldn't want to be pumping any beer through these pipes yet, as the majority of them are just tacked in position.

The first two pictures look at the brew house from either side show a much tidier brewery this week. To the right of the lower picture you can see our new pallet racking in front of the cool room. This increases our storage capacity, so hopefully we don't need to be up to our eyeballs on the mezzanine.

Again, the rear picture shows a much tidier brewery. The brew house is in position with most of the pipe work in place. As far as I know the electrical side of the install here is all installed and ready. The hop freezer is in place, and the random cleaning product has been removed from the labeller.

In the above picture you can see more pallet racking at the front of the unit, and the forklift that will be used to load it. There has been some painting of the walls going on too, but this is painting white walls white, so you can't really see the difference in the pictures.

Not a lot has changed in the mezzanine area, except the addition of a very colourful blue box. This box will form part of our home made hopper, for getting the grains into the mash tun.

I am loving having a room full of fermenters, and cant wait for them to be full of beer. I'm sure for all those reading are pretty keen to have these full too. The 2 on the right have all their eternal fittings, while the far two are still waiting. If you look just right of the fermenters on the right hand side you can see a lot of the pipe work that will be carrying the coolant.

So not a lot to report this week. But in the coming week we have been told to expect the installation and all the welding to be finished, and the brew house to be commissioned over the weekend. We are not strangers to delays and disappointment, but lets all keep our fingers crossed on this.

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