Week 19 Blog

It's been a bit of a quiet week after the craziness of the last. And it looks like it's going to be a busy week ahead. The idea is to brew once a week, and bottle once a week too. But due to past issues and not wanting to leave a fermenter empty for any period of time, we seem to be having one hugely busy week followed by slow ones. But we have some mega hoppy beers coming up, that will need dry hopping and hence more time in the fermenter, so hopefully things will level out soon.

We haven't been sat at the bar all week though. As you can see from the picture above, we finally have some beers to sell. This is meant to be our cool room, where we keep beer just before we ship it out to customers. It is kept cool to keep the beer nice and fresh. Right now though it has been converted to a warm room, as we have found that our beers just aren't conditioning properly in the current cold spell. So we have stuck a couple of the heaters in to keep the temp at around 20 degrees.

So what beers do we have in here? On the left of the room we have bottles of Boring Brown Beer, which we are aging for a while before we start selling. We have some bottles of Miss the Lights, which we hope to get out there pretty soon, just waiting on labels. There are also 15 key kegs of Miss the lights and around 800 freshly bottled 500ml bottles of Black Perle.

On the right hand side of the cool/warm room we have 60 full casks. 18 Boring Brown, 12 Miss the lights, and 30 Black Perle. You can sample Black Perle on Cask at the Bull in highgate next Sunday 17th, at their St Patrick's day stout festival.

Above is a picture of a half of Miss the lights. It is very hazy, but tasting great. We have a key keg of this destined for the Over the Hop festival at the White Horse later this month.

This coming week we will be bottling Mariana Trench, brewing 5 O'Clock Shadow and then Holy Hoppin' Hell. We are very excited about both of these ultra hoppy beers.