Week 21 Blog

Not much to report on the brewing front this week. Five O'clock Shadow has been dry hoped and almost ready to package. It will be going into key keg and 330ml bottles this week. Holy Hoppin' Hell has slowed down a bit, and is requiring a little TLC to get down to terminal gravity. We are getting there, by injecting CO2 into the bottom of the fermenter to rouse the yeast back into suspension, which is what Bryan is doing in the picture above. HHH does use some sugar, to give it a nice dry finish, so we have also added that, and the yeast has kicked off again. It will need dry hopping after that, so maybe another week in the fermenter. These beers are the highest ABVs we have brewed yet, at 7.3% and 9.4%. They were also the first batches we tried re-pitching yeast. 5 O'clock made it to terminal gravity with a little help

This week has been more about the selling of beer. Last week we reported that a cask of Black Perle had gone out to the Bull in Highgate for their Stout Festival. Well, this week a hole load more beer went out. Including key kegs of Miss The Lights and Mariana Trench going to the Over The Hop festival at the White Horse Parsons Green. A cask of Miss The lights going to George and Dragon in Dartford. A cask of Mariana Trench to our local, The Fox In Hanwell. The list goes on. The best way to keep up to date is to vist the OUTLETS section of our website. We try to give details of where, when and what Weird Beard beers you can get.

Unfortunately we are still waiting on bottle labels, meaning the labeller is sat in the corner feeling unloved. We have started calibrating it, and getting the rotary tables and fittings ready. This wait has not been such a bad thing though, as we have had a few carbonation issues with the bottles. They have taken a little longer than we would usually expect, as it has been pretty cold in the brewery. But in the time we have been waiting for the labels the beers have developed a good carbonation. So hopefully a good few days this week will be spent sending bottles along the conveyor belt and into the labeller. Then we can start shipping bottles for you guys to drink at home.

The bar is also starting to take shape, and will hopefully be sorted by the end of the week.

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