Week 22 blog

Labels have finally arrived, and we are so glad they have. We currently have 4 fully conditioned batches or beer taking up valuable room in the brewery. We have distributors, shops a people requesting bottles, so hope to get them flying out the door by the end of next week. I hope you agree that these labels look awesome. That's all thanks to our friends Josh and Chris.

Another week, and more beer is leaving the brewery. We were lucky enough to get orders from some of our favourite bars around London, and are super excited that our beers will be on the bar along side some fantastic breweries in the next week or so. For a full list of what is going where, be sure to keep checking our OUTLETS page on our website.  We can't always tell you when things are going to be on, but we can tell you what we are sending out. The picture above shows Gregg's rather worrying delivery technique of leaving beer out side bars on the street.If you can't find our beer in your favourite pubs, ask the bar stuff to get it in.

Along with label deliveries, we received our pump clips, to send out with casks, and Keg optics. Again, we are super proud of these, and think they should have a good impact on the bar. Thanks again to Josh for sorting these out for us.

5 o'Clock Shadow was bottled this week, along with a whole load of key kegs. No casks this time round. This left us with an empty fermenter, and we don't like that. So the very next day we were brewing again. This time round we opted for Fade To Black, our 7% black IPA. This beer uses the 'Marmite' of hops, Sorachi Ace. We love this hop, but know a lot of people hate it. It is not an easy hop to get hold of either, but we were lucky enough to persuade our hop supplier to let us know as soon as they got some in. 

Holy Hoppin' Hell is still misbehaving. It's still fermenting, but has slowed to a snails pace. The quick fix would be to raise the temperature from the 18.5 degrees C it's sat at, to something more conducive to happy hard working yeast. Not so easy when we only have chilling for the fermenters and they are sat in a cold industrial unit. It's 88% of the way to it's desired final gravity, so we have gone and dry hopped with 15.5Kg of pellet hops. That's 10g per litre! This is going to be one to drink fresh. Josh is currently working on the branding for this beer, and it's looking pretty special. I dont know about you, but every time I say "Holy Hoppin' Hell", I think of some masked sidekick from a 70s super hero show.

We now have a working bar, although we still cant sell any beer from the brewery. But it is there for us and any guests to enjoy a few samples. It is not quite finished yet, as the cornie kegs are meant to be the other side of the wall the bar backs onto, in the cool room. They are under the bar as the cool room is still being used a warm room, meaning the main brewery is the coldest, and therefore best place for them.

I have included a random picture a the new yeast we have started using. I personall think it's great, especially the name.

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