Week 25

This week started off on a real high. As mentioned in last weeks blog, we were very lucky to welcome our good friend Ingemar from cuckoo brewery Sad Robot over from Sweden. We decided to brew a saison, which we will be calling Saison 42, a mostly harmless farmhouse ale. Through this collaboration we have managed to score a distributor in Sweden, so very soon we will be sending a couple of pallets over to the fine beer loving swedes.

We also packaged our black IPA, Fade To Black, this week. And it is tasting great. It went into 2076 330ml bottles, 8 casks and 18 key kegs. We have labels on the way, along with 5 o'Clock Shadow and Holy Hoppin' Hell.

Beer continues to fly out of the brewery, and you can now find it in bottle shops all over the country. This week a pallet was sent up to Manchester. If you see it anywhere, please do tweet about it, so we can update our outlets page on the website.

Now the weather has finally sorted itself out, the air conditioning has been turned on in the cool room.  This means the beer for the bar has also moved into the cool room.

Remember Miss The Lights? This was our first attempt at Hit The Lights, and our 2nd ever brew on the kit. This beer has been a strange one for , getting a real mix of reviews. Our stock of the bottles have sold out, but the casks and kegs have not gone down too well. We apologies if you have sampled this on cask, or key keg and have not enjoyed it. We have stopped selling these and our considering putting the remainder into bottles, as it works really well in this format.

As a side note, on Monday we will be brewing Hit The Lights. We have learnt from our mistakes, got a lot of the issues that plagued us in the beginning sorted, and calibrated the brew house. This time Lup'in will walk out onto the stage, but he will not fall on his arse. We are realy looking forward to brewing this, as it is a fantastic beer.

All opinions and grammatical errors are those of WeirdBeardBryan, and not the bearded collective.