Meet The Brewer - Cask Pub & Kitchen Monday 12/08/13

We hope you can join us on Monday when both Gregg and Bryan will be showcasing our beers at the Cask Pub & Kitchen in Pimlico, from 5pm.

Expect 10 cask 7 kegged beers, some exclusive to this event. We will be launching a very limited edition beer, and there will also be some T-shirts to give away.

Below is a list of the beers we will be bringing.

CASK                                                                           Keg

1. Hit The Lights                                                           1. Hit The Lights
2. Mariana Trench                                                         2. Mariana Trench
3. Five O'Clock Shadow                                                3. Five O'Clock Shadw
4. Black Perle                                                              4. Single Hop Nelson Saison
5. Single Hop Amarillo                                                  5. Single Hop Amarillo
6. Bad Habbit                                                               6. Bad Habit
7. Holy Hoppin' Hell (citra, Pacific Gem)                         7. Single Hop Chinook - Bourbon Barrel Aged
8. Little Things That Kill
9.  Little Things That Kill (aged on coffee beans)
10.Fade To Black

The Bad habit, Single Hop Amarillo and Little Things That Kill (aged on coffee beans) are the only casks that were made of these beers. So they are exclusive to this event, and will not be found anywhere else.

Holy Hoppin' Hell (citra, Pacific Gem), this is the second batch of our double IPA. This time we used Citra and Pacific Gem for the late hops, and it weighs in at 9.7%. This is one of only 2 casks in existence.

We will be releasing our barrel aged version of our Single Hop Series No.1 - Chinook (A Boring Brown Beer) at this event. This was the first beer we brewed, which we left in a Heaven Hill Kentucky bourbon barrel for a little over a month. This beer is limited to just 200 litres, of which there are only 2 kegs and the rest in bottles. One of those kegs will be at the Cask event. 

Find more information on these beers on our website.