Bottle Shop Pop-Up 7th February

Yes, it's that time again for us to announce our Bottle Shop Pop-Up Bar is back on the 7th February. However this is the last of our monthly popups there. Before you get too upset,  we will be returning every other month and will be back in April and so on...

On that note, make sure you come down to this event because you won't be seeing us next month and we're making sure we're bringing our A* game to make up for our absence. Not only that but we're bringing our celebrations for the 2nd anniversary of our first ever brew to the Bottle Shop! The super special beers we will be serving are to be announced shortly here. Keep your eyes peeled for other updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Bryan's back for this popup which means our awesome Weird Beard Fruit Machine will be there to play. He'll be joined by Natasha on our bar upstairs where we will have 4 of our beers on draft. Bottle Shop Ben has also requested Natasha's beer truffles and since we cant keep her out of the kitchen when she's not in the brewery, they will be there. The rest of the Bottle Shop team will be serving other beer on draft and in bottle and cans downstairs, so you won't be out of tasty choices. Trust us, there is so much good stuff to drink...always. 

We will have merchandise on sale, which includes our t-shirts at £15 and our branded, stemmed glassware at £3. Another piece of useful info, is that we now accept card payments.

See you at the party!