Christmas Extravaganza Open Day 2016 Line-Up

With the weekend on our doorstep, we thought to kindle your excitement for our upcoming Open Day by announcing what's in store for the event.

First things first, since the Defacer mini-cask we had on in August went down a treat (even at 11.1%), we decided to have another super-special beer on cask. This time, we've got a one-off polypin of Rye Smile (10.6%) Rye Wine. Come early to not avoid disappointment, once it's gone, it IS gone. Then, our exceptionally exciting Keg-list is as follows:

Black Christmas, 4.5%, Cranberry Christmas Stout

Little Things That Kill, 3.9%, Session IPA *latest recipe*

Sadako, 9.5%, Imperial Stout

*Against The Grain Collab Release* Pig Smasher, 6.8%, Honey Red Ale

*Brussels Beer Project Collab Special* Churchill's Delusion, 5.7%, Tobacco English Mild

*Redemption Collab Special* South Pacific Pale, 6.7%, Southern Hemisphere Pale Ale


Plus in bottles, we'll have our core, occasionals and these select specials: 
Safe Stout (released only this week)
Churchill's Delusion
Something Something Dark-Side
Something Something Barrel-Aged
Double Perle (Buffalo Trace Edition)
Sadako (Bourbon Edition)
Rye Smile (Regular and Bourbon Edition)

Just a reminder, all drink-in will be happening from Unit 5 - our Brewery; all take-out will be happening from Unit 9 - our Warehouse.

On top of all the above liquid-deliciousness, you can expect the following tastiness:

  • the yummiest artisanal Scotch Eggs & Sausage Rolls (veggie options incl) by Pig & Hay
  • thirst-quenching Square Root sodas including their special Pear & Aronia (a.k.a Chokeberry!)
  •  what we call, "snack-crack", Karkli
  • heart and soul warming Indian Street Food by 10 year veterans of the Great British Beer Festival, King Samosa

Also, it being the holidays and all, we've got a whole next level of merch for sale. Jump in on informal brewery tours, just collar someone at the bar if interested. 

We can't wait for Sunday, hope to see you folks there!