Hot and Cold Liquor Tanks up for grabs



We are giving away our old Hot and Cold Liquor tanks!

Totally free, you just have to come and collect them.

When we started, back in 2013, we got these liquor custom-made. They were designed hoping to work in a 10 Barrel set up, but didn't really have the capacity. We used them for over 2 years, changing the way we operated, so it is possible. I would recommend their use with a 7 barrel or smaller.

Not sure of the weight, but without the lids, 2 strong people could probably lift one.

They are both essentially the same size, with different fittings for purpose.

Fibre glass shell with around 10cm of insulation.

The base that sits on the floor is 120cm by 125cm. There are various connections coming out, so space around the tanks will be required.

They have a large main lid, so you can get inside safely; this is then bolted into place. There is another square manhole on each, which a person could happily get through.

With the main lids on, which over hang, the footprint is more like 130cm by 230cm.

Heightwise, with the lid on, and the hatch, they stand about 125cm tall. But they are pretty strong, and the top can be used for storage.

Both are 2000L in total volume, holding around 1400L of usable liquor. This is due to how they were designed with the various fittings etc.

They both have sight glasses, thermowells and float switches.

The HLT has an 18KW element, which is already installed.

See the diagrams and pictures below for details on fittings etc.

Cold Liquor Tank


Hot Liquor Tank

Please feel free to contact us at for more information.

Or come on down to us to check them out, although please let us know in advance if you plan to visit, as they are hidden away at the moment.