Weird Beard Winter Open Days

As the holidays are fast approaching, we here at Weird Beard Brew Co wanted to throw a little party since it is the season for it. Nothing fancy since we're just a couple of brewers but the brewery doors will be open to the public and beer will be flowing from the taps on the afternoons of the 12th and 14th December.

This is our first official take on Open Days so we are very excited for the events. With a choice of two days to make it over, there is plenty of opportunity to come on down. Do come meet and greet both the brewers and the team, ogle at our new fermentation vessels, sample some of our brews and be craft beer merry! We will have draught and bottled beer for sale, with 50p of all draught sales going towards the Youth Music Memorial Fund for Alice Gross. We hope these events not only give people an opportunity to see where we work and what we do, but to also better establish us and all that is craft beer within our local community.

There will be food and there will be beer to be bought and consumed on site. We have ordered the most delicious, home-made Scotch eggs and sausage rolls from Pig & Hay including veggie options for the occasion. Even if we look forward to drinking with you for the entire afternoon, we will have bottles available for take-away purchases. Watch this space for updates on the beer line-up, no doubt we have some new and limited brews reserved for the dates!

Stumped for Christmas presents? We'll have a selection of merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, glassware and gift-packs available for sale. Oh, and we're pretty into our music here so expect decent tunes and generally an awesome time to be had all round.

Bottle Shop Pop-Up Bar 6th December

It's nearing the first Saturday of the month again but we say that without monotony. We will be back at the Bottle Shop to make sure you have your beer fixes before the year is out. Come say "Hey!" to Head Brewer Bryan and our new(ish) Event Coordinator, Natasha. They will be serving beers upstairs whilst the Bottle Shop team will have a couple of our brews on draught downstairs. Adding to that, the Bottle Shop has amazing stuff for you to buy as holiday gifts and we'll be bringing along t-shirts for sale so you can drink beer whilst getting some Christmas shopping done. If that isn't tempting enough (seriously, what is wrong with you?!?!) we have lined-up our favourite and latest brews for the occasion.

It's really going to be a treat, but don't take our word for it, read more about the special tap-list from our "what's on the bar?" blog.

Bottle Shop Residency number 1 - 1st November 2014

As hinted in previous posts we now have a residency at the Bottle shop on the first Saturday of every month. We will be upstairs serving from 4 taps, always (we hope) with some kind of rarity for you to be interested in. So come find us at

The bottle Shop
128 Druid St

Between 12noon and 6pm.

Saturday 1st November between 12:00 and 18:00 we will be serving

Dark Hopfler                                 2.6%   - Hoppy Dark Milk ale (#1 ratebeer Low alcohol beer)
Mariana Trench                             5.1%  - Transpacific Pale ale
Out of Office                                 7.0%   - IPA with Coffee
Something Something Darkside      9.4% - A strong black beery thing...

Halloween Tap Takeover

This coming weekend is Halloween, and we love Halloween, what with all the skulls and such. So to celebrate, we have teamed up with the guys at Craft Beer Co. Covent Garden for a one night extravaganza. We collected together pretty much every beer we had, and shipped them down to the West End. There is enough to keep everyone happy here, with many of the beers being served on both casks and keg, making it the perfect time try them side by side. Many of our occasional and season beers will also be available, along with a couple of one off versions of a classic.

We encourage you to embrace the holiday, and come in fancy dress. We will even be offering up prizes for the best costume.

Both Gregg and Bryan from the brewery will be heading down. See if you can spot them in their costumes.

The full list of beers on offer can be found below. We will be announcing the full list over the coming week.


1   Mariana Trench - Pale Ale - 5.1%
2   K*ntish Town Beard - American Wheat Ale - 5.9%
3   Hit The Lights - IPA - 5.9%
4   Five O'Clock Shadow - IPA - 7%
5   Black Perle - Milk Coffee Stout - 3.8%
6   Decadence (chilli) - Stout - 5.6%
7   Out Of Office - Coffee IPA - 7%
8   Hive Mind - Honey Red - 5.4%
9   Dark Hopfler - 2.5%
10 Decadence (vanilla) - Stout - 5.6%


11   Mariana Trench - Pale Ale - 5.1%
12   K*ntish Town Beard - American Wheat Ale - 5.9%
13   Hit The Lights - IPA - 5.9%
14   Five O'clock Shadow - IPA - 7%
15   Black Perle - Coffee Milk Stout - 3.8%
16   Decadence - Stout - 5.6%
17   Fade To Black Black - Black IPA - 6.5%
18   Hacienda - Black Saison with orange - 6.9%
19   Heaven & Hell batch 4 - BA-DIPA - 9.6%
20   Holy Hoppin' Hell batch 5 - DIPA - 9.2%
21   Heaven & Hell batch 5 - BA-DIPA - 9.2%
22   Sadako - Imperial Stout - 9.2%
23   Sadako Heaven Hill - BA  Imperial Stout - 9.2%
24   Sadako Ardbeg - BA Imperial Stout - 9.2%
25   Out Of Office - Coffee IPA - 7%
26   Bearded Nurse Ardbeg - BA Barley Wine - 10.2%
27   Something Something Darkside - Black IPA -9.4%
28   Something Something Barrel Aged - BA Black IPA -9.4%
29   Hive MInd - Honey Red - 5.4%
30   Little Things That Kill batch 9 - Hoppy Session - 3.7%

Bonus Keg line will be our collaboration with Northern Monk

31  Blue Habit - Blueberry Saison - 6%

Out Of Office Coffee IPA

Guest post from our brewery assistant Andrew Drinkwater:

For the past six weeks I've been learning firsthand about the differences between homebrewing and the world of commercial beer as a brewery assistant at Weird Beard. It's been extremely hard work but also very rewarding - the bruises, scaldings, thermal burns, chemical burns, cuts, grazes and acid swallowing was all worth it when drinking a cask of something I'd been involved in from brew to packaging.

One of the privileges of the past few weeks has been to design and brew a new beer with my fellow brewery assistant, Chris Taylor. Together with his partner Emma, Chris is one of the country's most talented homebrewers, and has been working part-time at Weird Beard for the past few months in addition to his full-time job. We've homebrewed together a few times, but it's been a lot more fun working with a kit 72 times bigger!

Out of Office Lu'pin - inspired by Chris!

The idea for our beer came from my previous job. My old team drank a lot of fantastic coffee from the roasters at Hasbean - in particular, their blueberry-packed Yirgacheffe Naturals from Ethiopia. I brought my last pack of beans into the brewery on my first day, and while drinking it with Chris, we came up with the idea of brewing a Coffee IPA in the mould of Kernel's long-lost Suke Quto IPA

Chris came up with a killer mix of Chinook and Amarillo hops to provide tropical fruit and some complexity, and Mosaic hops, both as a steep and dry hop, to complement the blueberry notes from the coffee. We wanted to aim for a very pale, clean and dry beer to let the hops and coffee sing, so the malt bill is very simple, with 95% pale with a little bit of wheat.

We added the coffee in three different ways - crushed in the underback, fresh French Press coffee added directly to the wort, and several kilos added to the fermenter along with the dry hops. We did almost manage to completely ruin an FV with the amount of hops and coffee beans we threw into it - but we think it was worth it. In lieu of a grinder, here I am smacking it up ready for the underback:

We're really proud of the final beer - it's 7% ABV, very pale, and has all the bitterness of an IPA but with the aroma and flavour profile of a good cup of coffee made from a freshly roasted delivery from Hasbean. We've called our beer Out of Office, to reflect our 'part-time' nature and to indemnify the guys at Weird Beard if you don't like it! 

The first keg of Out of Office is going to be on the bar at my leaving party at Brewdog Shepherds Bush on Saturday 18th October, along with a couple of other Weird Beard rarities like Hive Mind (which has been reformulated for 2014) and the much-vaunted low-alcohol Dark Hopfler. Hope to see you there!

Bottle Shop Bermondsey bar 20/09

After the success of the pop up bar we held with Bottle Shop down in Bermondsey as part of last months London Beer Week, we have been invited back.

So come join us this Saturday between 12:00 and 18:00 at

128 Druid St
SE1 2HH  

To enjoy the following beers on tap.

Little Things That Kill               3.8%   - Czech hop inspired session IPA
Black Perle                            3.8%  - Milk coffee stout (contains lactose)
K*ntish Town Beard                5.9%   - American style wheat pale ale
Bearded Nurse BA Macallan  10.2% - Barley Wine aged in Macallan Whisky barrels.
    (We did promise Ardbeg barrel aged, but do to unforeseen issues we had to swap)

We hope to make this a regular monthly thing, so keep an eye out for future announcements. 

Double Perle - our 100th brew

When it came time to brew our 100th brew at Weird Beard Brew Co. we decided
we should do something special to celebrate. We threw around a few ideas of
interesting and some downright insane beers, but decided we didn't need to
venture too far from our roots and would brew a bigger version of one of our
core range.

Black Perle was an obvious choice, not only because people been requesting
we amp this one up for some time. It is one of our original beers that
pre-dates Weird Beard itself. Back in the days before Gregg Irwin and I
started the brewery and were just two home brewers giving out samples of
prototypes at bars and festivals, it was a firm favourite. A firkin of Black
Perle was the first beer we ever sold from the brewery and the beer we
debuted with. It is the first beer I ever bought in a bar that I had made. I
remember sitting anonymously at the bar watching and listening to people
enjoying it, so Black Perle will always have a special place in my heart.
Double Perle is essentially the same recipe as Black Perle with just a few
small tweaks and a lot less water. This concentrates all the flavours we
love, but makes it a bigger, more luxurious experience.

So here it is, our thank you to you for keeping our brewing aspirations

Bryan Spooner
Head Brewer

London Brewers Alliance Rising Stars - Tap Takeover and Meet the Brewers

If we are not all too beered out after London Beer week, our friends at BrewDog Camden have a great event lined up for this coming Saturday.

They have brought together some of the best up and coming breweries in London, and through out the day will have a selection of the best beers they have to offer. But not only will they have the beers from these breweries on, they will also have someone from the breweries at the bar to talk about what they are doing.

There are a total of 7 breweries taking part, some of which we had the pleasure of serving with at this years London Craft Beer Festival. We will officially be around between 5 and 7, but hope to be around to check out the other guys most of the day.

Rough timings for the event can be found below. But check out the official BrewDog event page, or the facebook event.

Hop Stuff: 12-1
Hammerton: 1-2
Five Points: 2-4
Orbit: 3-5
Brick: 4-6
Weird Beard: 5-7
Pressure Drop don't have anyone available sadly.

Bottle Shop pop-up bar

To celebrate the beginning of the first London beer Week, we will be hosting our very own, and first pop-up bar with our friends at The Bottle Shop Druid Street. 

128 Druid St
SE1 2HH  

We will be serving 4 beers on the mezzanine, while the usual great selection of bottles will be on sale down stairs, along with 2 Weird Beard beers on tap.

Gregg, Bryan and brewer Paul will all be there to chat with. We will also have Andy Parker from Elusive Brewing coming along to introduce our collaboration brew Lord Nelson, and to give away a few tasters of prototype beers he is working on.

It all kicks off at mid day until around 6pm. And the beers being serve are

Lord Nelson (Weird Beard, Elusive Brewing collab.) - 6.9% Farmhouse Ale
Little Things That Kill batch 8 – 3.5% Session IPA with Sorachi Ace, Summit & Apollo
Mariana Trench 5.3% - Pale Ale
Decadence – 5.4% Stout
Holy Hoppin' Hell – 9.6% IIPA with Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe & Columbus
Sadako (BA Heaven Hill) – 9.2% Imperial Stout

Check out the LondonBeer City site for more details of great events going on all week.

Double beer launch at BrewDog Shepherds Bush

We don't often make a song and dance about new beers we release into the wild. But we have been sitting on 2 beers for a few months that we have decided are worth a bit of singing, maybe a little dance too. So we will be have a small party to celebrate these two amazing beers at BrewDog Shepherds Bush on Tuesday 1st July. 

We will be selecting the music on the night, and there will be a limited edition T shirt to buy as well. The T shirts are very limited stock, but we will be giving a some away to a lucky few. 

Bearded Nurse

This is a beer brewed back in March as a collaboration with our Swedish friends Electric Nurse. They had the malt bill for a killer barleywine, and we threw masses of our favorite hops at it, Pacific Gem and Amarillo. We also filled a MaCallen barrel and an Ardbeg barrel that we have hidden away for later. The resulting brew was a fantastic 10.2% barley wine that we just had to call Bearded Nurse.

Sadako Imperial Stout

A beer that won our head brewer Bryan awards back in his home brew days. With honey, molasses and freshly roasted coffee beans added to the boil this is a complex, lightly carbonated imperial stout weighing in at 9.2%. It was also a big part of brewing our light weight beer Dark Hopfler, so if this goes down well, we hope to brew them both again soon. We have also hidden some of this away in a Heaven Hill barrel and an Ardbeg barrel, so keep an eye out for them sometime too.

We will also have a few other beers on including a few rare specials. Unfortunately we can not guarantee all the beers will be on all night though. We will announce these beers as we get closer to the day.

Bourbon barrel aged Fade To Black coconut edition

Try saying that at the end of the night. This is the ultimate Weird Beard White whale. We took our black IPA and dry hopped it with roasted coconut, to make the limited edition fade To Black Coconut Edition, a sweeter more luxurious version of the original. But not happy with that, we decide to stick just 200 liters into a Heaven Hill barrel. The vanilla from the barrel plays perfectly with the slight sweetness from the coconut. This in one not to be missed.

Little Things That Kill batch 7

And for those of you who don't want to be sampling the higher ABV beers all night, we will be bringing along a couple of beers for you. First off is Little Things That kill batch 7. As you may know, this is a beer where we change the hops every batch. This time round we went with Southern Cross and Green Bullet from New Zeland, and the classic American Amarillo. Being just 3% ABV, this is a beer you can drink by the pint.

Black Perle

Also for those who may want a rest from the higher ABV beers, we will be bringing along our 'Coffee Milk Stout', Black Perle, at just 3.8%. What makes this a milk coffee stout? We add loads of lactose to the boil, which is unfermentable milk sugar, that brings the sweetness. We then age the beer on coffee beans before packaging. The beer is also single hopped with Perle hops from Germany, which for some people brings a slight milky taste. Due to the lactose, this is not one for the vegans, sorry guys.

Five O'clock Shadow

One of our core range, Five O'clock Shadow is our tilt of a hat to the classic American IPAs. Packed full of some of our favourite American hops, Summit, Citra, Apollo and Columbus, expect that familiar citrus and piny flavours that we have all grown to love.

Holy Hoppin' Hell

Just like with Little Things That Kill, we like to vary the hop line up on this beer each time we brew. But with this beer we like to go BIG. This is our double IPA, and is meant to be a slap in the face with hops, but this time with the slight warming alcohol to back it up. This is batch 4, and this time we crammed it full of Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial and Amarillo. Not for the faint hearted, but definitely one to sip.
Boring Brown Beer - Bourbon Barrel Aged

The first beer we ever brewed at Weird Beard, back in February 2013, was a beer called Single Hop Chinook. This comprised of Pale Malt, Special B and a f*@ktonne of Chinook. It was basically a really bitter brown beer. But with an ABV over 8%, it was hardly your standard English style bitter. On our 1 year anniversary we could think of nothing we would rather brew again, but this time we named it Boring Brown Beer, An Imperial Best Bitter. We also stuck some in a Heaven Hill Bourbon barrel, as you do, and this is the result.

That rounds off the list of beers for the event. Look forward to seeing you all there. 

Tap Take Over - Camden BrewDog 19th Feb

Come and join us at Camden BrewDog this coming Wednesday evening from 18:00 for our first Tap Takeover of the year. We will be bringing 10 different beers along for everyone to to get stuck into, with one also going through the hopinator.

Both Gregg and Bryan will be there on the night, along with the newest addition to the brewing team Dan, to talk you through the beers and generally have a good time.

On the back of being voted 5th Best New Brewery in the RateBeer Awards, and we will have been brewing for a year this week, we have plenty to celebrate. Emma, Camden manager, has agreed to allow us to select some music for the night, so expect to hear a bit of the inspiration behind some of the beers names. Along with all kinds of other treats.

There will also be a limited edition T-Shirt we had designed especially for the event. These are not for sale anywhere, but we will be giving away some on the night to a few lucky drinkers. 

So come along to Camden Brewdog from 18:00 on Wednesday 19th Feb to enjoy the below beers with the Weird Beard Team.

Little Things That Kill batch 3      - 3.4% 
K*ntish Town Beard                       - 5.2% 
Decadence Stout                              - 5.4% 
Mariana Trench                               - 5.5% 
Fade To Black                                   - 6.3% 
Five O'clock Shadow                       - 7% 
Bad Habit Barrel aged                    - 8.6% 
Something Something Dark Side - 9% 
Holy Hoppin Hell batch 3              - 9.6% 
Heaven & Hell                                  - 9.7%

RateBeer Best Awards 2013

We were very honored recently to be awarded 5th best new brewery on the world in the RateBeer Best Awards for 2013.

And we are in great company, with our friends at Siren coming in a fantastic 2nd and fellow Londoners Pressure Drop not far behind in 10th.

So thank you to everyone who has tried our beer and rated it over the last year. As a relatively new and unknown brewery, in a world where there are so many amazing new and more established breweries, it is great to know people have the faith to try our efforts.

So a big THANK YOU to everyone.

You can see the results on the RateBeerwebsite here

Camden BearD

Earlier in the year we were approached by the bar staff of the BrewDog bar in Camden to brew a collaborative beer with them. The collaboration was part of a new project BrewDog and all of their bars were doing called Collab Fest. The idea was for each of the UK bars to select a brewery to brew a beer with and have all of these beers release in all their UK bars on the same night, the 19th Oct. All the brewers were also invited to the Brewdog brewery in Ellon to brew one big collaborative beer. The event was a success in our eyes, with some great beers brewed.

So early September, along with the Camden bar staff, we decided to brew a medium ABV pale, with at least 30% wheat malt, Willamette, Cascade and Centennial hops and a clean US yeast. During the course of the day the naming of the beer was discussed, and together we came up with the name Camden BearD. Notice the B & D in BearD are both capital, this was meant to be read as Camden BD, as in Camden BrewDog.

To be honest, none of us even made the link to Camden Town Brewery. If we had, we may have reconsidered. But Camden Town Brewery took exception to the name, and on 21st Oct wrote an email to James Watt of BrewDog. At this point it’s worth remembering that this beer was a collaboration with the staff from the bar, and had nothing to do with BrewDog themselves. This is 100% a Weird Beard beer that had been sold to many other retailers and not just BrewDog for their festival. If Camden Town had done their research at this point, they may have realised this and contacted us directly, but they didn’t. If they had contacted us in a polite manor, we may have reconsidered the name. James’s response was to get the bars to change the name to London Beard. But for some reason didn’t suggest that Camden Town Brewery contact us regarding the name of our product, or did James contact us directly either. Camden Town Brewery and BrewDog are a couple of pretty big, well established breweries, with plenty of collaborations under their collective belts. They should know how these things work in regard to is responsible for and whoo names the beer. Rightly or wrongly it felt like two big guys ganging up on the small brewery, and for some reason at no point did they think it was worth talking to us, which i find insulting. 

While all this was going on, we heard rumours that Camden Town Brewery may be upset with the name. But we are not one to act on rumour, and we thought that if they did have any real issue they would have the decency to talk to us. The issue became very clear to us when I went into the BrewDog Camden bar and saw our name on the guest beer board with the words London Beard underneath. I personally complained to the bar staff, who were very sympathetic, but said they had been pretty much ordered to make the change. So we took the initiative and on 27th Nov and contacted James Watt to ask for an explanation, who apologised and in late December when back from honeymoon agreed to change the name back to Camden Beard (to much rejoycing from Gregg and the staff at Brewdog Shepherds Bush who had the beer on at the time) and direct any further complaints from Camden directly to us.

We really like this beer, and decided to add it to our occasional brew rotation, and re-brewed it in mid November. We had the labels paid for, printed, and on a number of bottles, when on 18th Dec we get an very aggressive email from Camden Town Brewery demanding we recall the beer, and referencing the conversation he had with James Watt as an indication the name had been changed. We responded stating that the beer had been sold to many retailers over the past 2 months, and this could have been resolved months ago had he bothered to contact us. We also stated that we have no intention of recalling the beer, as we feel the branding of the beer is distinctly different to Camden Town Brewery, and we question their ownership of the word Camden. But after seeking legal advice, we decided we could not afford the costs of this going to court. So we agreed that we would change the name, but would not be recalling any beer. Camden Town Brewery reinforced how seriously they take trademark infringements, and how they will not stand by and allow other traders trade off the reputation of their brand. This implies that they think that we have chosen the name in the hope that people will confuse our beer for one of theirs, which is both amusing and insulting. But it was agreed that by changing the name of the beer the matter could be put to bed.

It was with great regret that we decided to change the name of this beer, as it already has a reputation, and it looses it’s reference to the great guys at BrewDog Camden who were a huge part in making this beer what it is. But we felt we should change the name for several reasons. We don’t believe Camden Town Brewery has any claim to the word Camden, and I think they aren’t 100% sure either, as on 24th Dec they applied to trade mark the word, even though previous communications implied they already owned this. But, as they have been using the word in many of their products for some time now, it was decided they may have some claim to it, and it may come down to who ever was overseeing the case on the day. We are a very small young brewery, and we do not have money to risk on this. There is also the possibility that people may think this is a collaboration between Camden Town Brewery and Weird Beard, and to be honest, right now I do not want people to think we would be associated with them.

So what to call the beer? That was easy! K*ntish Town Beard. Read into this what you will, but the official line is that the beer is called Kentish Town Beard, as Camden Town are actually based just under Kentish Town West station, and we are renaming it in their honour. The asterisk is in Kentish just in case they decide they own that too. 

We are hugely disappointed that this all had to turn out this way. A few polite phone calls right at the beginning could have sorted this out with no hard feelings at all. We are only publicising this how we have because we feel with have been treated very unfairly by two of the supposed big players in the 'craft' beer world, and we thought people had the right to know. We also had to explain the sudden name change.

We thank you for all the support we have had on this, and hope you all continue to enjoy the beers produced by all of the great breweries in the country right now.

All views, except those edited by Gregg, grammatical & spelling errors in this blog are those of @weirdbeardbryan, and not necessarily those of the Weird Beard collective.

Hive Mind Beer launch - Tuesday 26th November

HIVE MIND may refer to:

        * Collective consciousness [1]
        * The apparent consciousness of colonies of social insects [2] such as ants, bees and termites
        * Swarm intelligence [3], the collective behaviour of decentralised, self-organised systems, natural or artificial
        * A hoppy red honey ale made by Weird Beard in collaboration with the many brains of London Amateur Brewers.

The London Amateur Brewers is a home brew club that meets the first Monday every month to talk beer, taste and give good honest feedback on members beers. Both Gregg and Bryan have their home brewing roots with these guys, so back in October it was our absolute pleasure to invite them along to brew a collaborative beer with is. 

The beer we come up with is a 5.6% red(ish) ale brewed with a healthy dose of Honey. Brewed with Cascade, EKG, and Nelson Sauvin in the boil, and a little Mosaic dry hop to finish it off.

Not sure we have done an official launch yet, so this could be a first in almost a year of brewing.  Both cask and keg will be available at The Harp in Covent Garden this Tuesday 26th November from around 18:30. Both Gregg and Bryan will be about, with a few members of the London Amateur Brewers, so come and say hi. You will probably find us up stairs.

Camden Beard launch

On Saturday 19th October you can sample the beer we brewed as part of the Brewdog Collab Fest, with our now great friends from Brewdog bar Camden, along with the beer brewed with brewdog and many other beers brewed at some great breweries. The beers will be available in all the bars, and both Gregg and Bryan will be at the Camden bar during the evening, and maybe the day time, to chat about the beer and anything else that may be on your mind.

You will be able to find our beer, Camden Beard in your favourite Weird Beard stockist very soon after this event.

Indy Man Beer Con

We are really excited to have been invited to bring beer along to the Saturday and Sunday sessions of this years Indy Man Beer Con. Along with some great, and some very special beers, both Gregg and Bryan will be at the festival serving the beer. So please do come along and say hey.

The beers we will be taking along are.

Five O'clock Shadow - our American style IPA - Keg
Decadence - Our new luxurious stout - Cask
Heaven & Hell -Barrel aged version of our DIPA Holy Hoppin' Hell - Keg
Camden BearD - American Wheat Pale Ale - Cask

Our friends from  BlackJack Brewing will also be bringing along our collaboration Weird Wit, a watermelon wheat beer. They will be about on Thursday & Friday, so be sure to go and check them out.

New fermeters

This week we took delivery of 2 brand new 10bbl fermenting vessels.

We first set up the brewery with 2 of these, meaning we could brew just once every 2 weeks, as the beer sits in these vessels for that long. By buying 2 more we have essentially doubled our capacity, meaning we can brew once a week now, and meaning there should be loads more of our beer out there to enjoy. It also means we have more freedom in what we brew, as recently we've had to concentrate on getting the core beers out there, as we kept selling out very fast.

Meet The Brewer - Cask Pub & Kitchen Monday 12/08/13

We hope you can join us on Monday when both Gregg and Bryan will be showcasing our beers at the Cask Pub & Kitchen in Pimlico, from 5pm.

Expect 10 cask 7 kegged beers, some exclusive to this event. We will be launching a very limited edition beer, and there will also be some T-shirts to give away.

Below is a list of the beers we will be bringing.

CASK                                                                           Keg

1. Hit The Lights                                                           1. Hit The Lights
2. Mariana Trench                                                         2. Mariana Trench
3. Five O'Clock Shadow                                                3. Five O'Clock Shadw
4. Black Perle                                                              4. Single Hop Nelson Saison
5. Single Hop Amarillo                                                  5. Single Hop Amarillo
6. Bad Habbit                                                               6. Bad Habit
7. Holy Hoppin' Hell (citra, Pacific Gem)                         7. Single Hop Chinook - Bourbon Barrel Aged
8. Little Things That Kill
9.  Little Things That Kill (aged on coffee beans)
10.Fade To Black

The Bad habit, Single Hop Amarillo and Little Things That Kill (aged on coffee beans) are the only casks that were made of these beers. So they are exclusive to this event, and will not be found anywhere else.

Holy Hoppin' Hell (citra, Pacific Gem), this is the second batch of our double IPA. This time we used Citra and Pacific Gem for the late hops, and it weighs in at 9.7%. This is one of only 2 casks in existence.

We will be releasing our barrel aged version of our Single Hop Series No.1 - Chinook (A Boring Brown Beer) at this event. This was the first beer we brewed, which we left in a Heaven Hill Kentucky bourbon barrel for a little over a month. This beer is limited to just 200 litres, of which there are only 2 kegs and the rest in bottles. One of those kegs will be at the Cask event. 

Find more information on these beers on our website.