Meet the Weird Bearders

Weird Beard Brew Co. is known to be founded by Gregg Irwin and Bryan Spooner. Our founders are both bearded brewers who, other than their mutual love and passion for beer, share a similar interest in music, horror films and Metal that you will see and continue to see featured in our branding. These guys were running the show as a duo for the best part of our beginning. As we grew, Gregg has transitioned away from physically brewing, still developing recipes but runs the business-side of things. He is our Spreadsheet Ninja. Bryan on the other hand, well described in his twitter bio of “brewery gimp” is strapped to the brewhouse most of the time. He’s not complaining though as he is in his element there. You’ll hear Bryan say how lucky he is to have a business partner, like Gregg, who had the skills and want to put down the mash-paddle but take up the reigns of running the business.

But Weird Beard couldn’t have grown like it has without some extra bodies. We’ve seen some great individuals, mainly our friends, come and go onto progressing their career, making a mark on our beers and contributing to the dynamics of our team. We’ve also had some folk, the majority of whom started off as part-timers, get happily stuck among us. Suddenly it’s 2 years and still counting. So here’s a little bit about each individual who makes up our slightly eccentric team. Other than the same enthusiasm, respect and love for brewing and beer, there isn’t a defining factor of what makes you Weird Beard. But, we’re pretty sure we’re a fairly weird lot and we like to think our mish-mash individualism lends to the fact our beers are never too ordinary, we know no bounds and are always pushing for innovation.

Here’s us:

Gregg Irwin
Director, Co-founder, Spreadsheet Ninja
Beard Status: Big badger beard
Fun fact: Previously ran his own Photography business, who besides Spreadsheet Ninja-ing with us is an international lacrosse referee

Bryan Spooner
Director, Co-founder, Brewery Puppet-Master
Beard Status: Down-to-his-belly long, often plaited
Fun fact: Formerly a BBC Broadcast Engineer for all national stations with an obsession for classic VW Campervans and shouty music, so not a hippy

Patrick Knowles
Warehouse Manager, Master of Warehoue Tetris
Beard Status: Depending on his mood, bearded or baby-faced
Fun fact: Spent a day driving Wolf from Gladiators around in a Vauxhall Zafira

Natasha Wolf
Events and Communications Manager, Brewery Mouthpiece
Beard Status: Invisible beard, but if you saw it, surely ginger
Fun fact: A pick’n’mix in terms of heritage, Greek-South African by nationality with German, Polish, Russian, Israeli, Dutch and Irish thrown in

Rachel Esker
Sales Executive, Beer Pusher
Beard Status: Invisible beard, she’s ballsy so beardless is not an option
Fun fact: Classicist by trade, her cars are often named with a nod to Ancient times and she currently drives Archimedes

Ryan Ringsell
Lead Brewer, No.2
Beard Status: Patchy at best
Fun fact: Exchanged Architect’s blue-prints for brewsheets and is our one-eyed team member who we affecionately albeit jokingly call Ryeclops

Kit Kazarinov
Brewer, Mr. Acid
Beard Status: Still trying
Fun fact: Kit’s extra-brewery achievements are as cool as his dreadlocks: Master of Philosophical studies, long-time DJ, improvisational Jazz pianist

Ben Hughes
Brewer, The Machine
Beard Status: Luscious beard
Fun fact: Machine at any physical activity inside and out of the brewery including packaging, cycling and race-car driving