Why start a Brewery?

Starting a brewery. Well, why indeed?

Investing money in the current economic climate is a bad idea. Isn't it?

Setting up in an industry that is ravaged with high duty and is likely to be hit harder as the years go on has to be a mistake. I mean, come on...

Making a beverage that is pilloried in the media, demonized by the press and ignored by mainstream food programmes is not the way to make your fortune. Get a grip son!

Ah but...

If you can start a successful business in a depression then you can be happy when the good times roll around again. Well...

Even with the duty increases the artisanal cask, keg and bottle beer sections seem to be doing well. I'll give you that.

What better way to change opinions of beer than to get out there, make a great product and show to people it is not all about swilling down 10 pints of lager. But I like swilling lager at the cricket club!

The sense of community that has built up around beer especially in London with new breweries and bars opening on what seems like a monthly basis; the freely offered advice received from London brewers; the encouraging words of bloggers; and the joy of making beer that puts a smile on someone's face. OK, OK you had me at Starting a Brewery

This blog will hopefully detail some of the ups and no doubt downs of the birth of Weird Beard Brew Co