Weird Beard Vs. Holy Cheese Mountain at The Cock Tavern
5:00 pm17:00

Weird Beard Vs. Holy Cheese Mountain at The Cock Tavern

Ever thought there was nothing better than a great pub with great beer?

Well how about a great pub with loads of great beer and a MOUNTAIN of artisanal and select cheese  at a very appetising price?! The cheese is supplied by none other than the vanguards of amazing, well-sourced cheese, Raw Cheese Power.

We don't condone excessive beer drinking but excessive cheese eating may help you through the amazing line-up of 8 kegs and several casks! Expect a satisfying mix of our core, occasional, special and rare brews across the taps at The Cock Tavern, Hackney for this event. You can bet both beers and cheeses brought to the table will be fantastic and you can ask ourselves on the night for any suitable beer & cheese pairing reccommendations. We love that shiz. The pub itself is mish mash of homely, bustling, traditional yet on trend, much like most of East-London, with the added bonus of being Beard Friendly.

This is just a conceptual image of a cheese mountain, Holy Cheese mountain includes many many wonderful cheeses. Prepare for a cheese-feast! 

This is just a conceptual image of a cheese mountain, Holy Cheese mountain includes many many wonderful cheeses. Prepare for a cheese-feast! 

And if our brewer isn't suffering from a cheese induced food-coma, there'll be a Meet The Brewer aspect to the eve, roundabout 7pm.

Come for beer, come for cheese and come for the piano music! (Anyone who knows the Cock Tavern, knows that's what it's all about).

Pepto-bismol recommended but not essential. See you then!

Fruit Bat - Our Kew Brewery Collab No. 2 Launch
7:00 pm19:00

Fruit Bat - Our Kew Brewery Collab No. 2 Launch

  • The Dodo Micropub

Join us and Kew Brewery Dave to see the launch of our second collab, all part of Kew's 2nd Birthday antics! Head over to the wonderful watering-hole, local to our brewery, The Dodo Micropub for the tapping of "Fruitbat", our British Berry Pale Ale with a Meet the Brewers session at 7pm.

A little more about "Fruitbat" and its fruition will be up on our blog, but for all intensive purposes and to whet you appetites, it's made with British-grown strawberries, blackberries, malts and hops. We reckon it's going to be a quintessential go-to pint for our English Sprummer (aka Spring meets Summer). 

Come join us for a school-night soiree and if we're really up for it, a-capella renditions of Carter USM

Follow The Worms Tasting
6:00 pm18:00

Follow The Worms Tasting

  • Hereford Beer House

December just gone, Jonny Bright our former Lead-brewer, brewed with us once again. 

The plan was a strong stout, something we'd done together once before with maple syrup before we decided to use agave nectar this time. As a result “Follow the worms”  was borne! A 'Mexican Export Stout', mixing agave with the perfect amount of chilli. Its name and label reference both current political affairs and song lyrics...Jonny was never one to quell his opinions.

With 3 of our beers on draft and a selection of bottles at Hereford Beer House, Jonny's place, meet Head-brewer Bryan to find out more of the beer and us!  

Beers on tap from 12pm.

Cosy, informal and free admission Meet the brewer from 5pm.

More details here!

Dark Side of the Spoon - Music & Beer Boutique Night
7:30 pm19:30

Dark Side of the Spoon - Music & Beer Boutique Night

  • The Beer Boutique

It's well known that ALOT of our beers are named after our favourite songs. They're sometimes subtle and sometimes not but the general idea is that the beer and music captures our ethos!

We've teamed up with The Beer Boutique, Wandsworth Town to host an intimate night in with our beer and select brewery vinyl.

The eve will offer several pours of special brews by us, accompanied by music with info behind our labels, brewery and selves given by with Head-brewer Bryan Spooner.  In a nutshell, a musically inspired Meet the Brewer!

Tickets are £15 and can be booked here!

Opulence - our 400th brew's lavish launch
6:00 pm18:00

Opulence - our 400th brew's lavish launch

  • Drafthouse Westrbidge

Our 400th brew "Opulence", a Madagascan Vanilla Bean Imperial Stout was expertly designed as a "Double Decadence" and we're very proud to announce its release.

We've made an exceptionally luxurious Imperial Stout that we've spent a slightly ludicrous amount of money on high-grade Vanilla for it, we've turned down label designs until they were exactly what we had in mind, we gave it the waxed bottle treatment usually only reserved for Sadako and we aged it for a few months to hit that sweet spot for its release. It's something of perfection but we'll let you decide on that yourselves.

Come see the launch of this beautiful beer and meet the brewer, Ben at Drafthouse Westbridge from 6pm Friday 28th April. 

Should you wish to truly indulge in all things opulent, there will the option of pairing the beer with a trio of glorious desserts.

More details of the event here.

Spring-Time Brewery Open Day & Taproom
12:00 pm12:00

Spring-Time Brewery Open Day & Taproom

  • Weird Beard Brew Co

Are you folks ready to kick back on the kerb and enjoy the sunshine with a glass of our beer in hand? Well, with our upcoming Open Day, you can do just that. 

We've moved Open Days to a seasonal event so apologies they'll be less frequent BUT know you can expect some extra-special Open Day antics to make up for it. Make sure you join us on Sunday 23rd April for a super Spring-Time day out, you won't want to miss.

Unit 5 Brewery offers:
Delicious drink-in stuff
7 Taps of extra-special beer and collab brews
Lots of core, special and brewery exclusive bottles
Informal Brewery Tours (just ask at the bar)
Meet the Brewer and our wonderful Team

Unit 9 Warehouse offers:
Loads of core, special and brewery exclusive stock for take-away
Merchandise (t-shirts, glasses, bottle carriers & barblade) sales

Additional offerings:

  • Fantastically tasty food (meaty, veggie or vegan) from Salty Loins with 3 specially matched beer gravies to go with some of our highlight brews!

  • Refreshing London-made soda from Square Root London

  • All the awesome vibes at our West London brewery

Line-up announced on our News Page

Hop City 2017
Apr 15

Hop City 2017

  • Northern Monk Brew Co

It's no secret we're long-time friends with the Northern Monk guys. Aside from them making really good and interesting beers, they've supported us from early on, we've collaborated 4 times together and both our headbrewer and theirs is called Bryan/Brian. They ARE our brethren so to speak.

And now they are hosting a fantastic festival, "Hop City" at their Refectory, which hell to the yes, we are pouring at! 

Hop City aims to showcase as many fresh, hop-forward and wonderfully bitter beers from around the Globe. The company is immense, with each brewery bringing two of their most hoppiest creations.

If you're any deserving Beerian, Hop-Head or like your beers bitter AF, get your tickets here.

Sheffield Beer Week Shakespeares Pub Takeover & MTB
Mar 18

Sheffield Beer Week Shakespeares Pub Takeover & MTB

  • Shakespeares Pub

To celebrate Sheffield Beer Week, we are coming to join the party with a full tap takeover of casks and kegs at Shakespeares Pub on Gibraltar Street on Friday 17th March.

If you're ever in Sheffield and in want of excellent beer, make the beer-pilgrimage to Shakespeares. The many and varied taps (keg and cask) always pour great beers and the high quality of cellarmanship makes every trip there, a super one.

We very much enjoyed the Buxton TT and MTB there last year, so are both honoured and excited to be the ones rocking the taps (7 cask & 7 keg) of this year's Sheffield Beer Week.

Bringing some truly special and limited release beers, here's the pretty exceptional line-up:

Little Things that Kill 3.9% Hop-Changing Session IPA
Mariana Trench 5.3% Transpacific Pale Ale
Dead By Dawn 5.6% Cherry Breakfast Stout (limited cask edition)
Master of Nuggets 7.0% Brown Ale
Double Perle 8.6% Imperial Coffee Milk Stout (limited cask edition)
Holy Hoppin' Hell 9.5% Hop-Changing DIPA (limited cask edition)
Sadako 9.5% Imperial Stout (limited cask edition)

Hops Maiden England 4.5% English Pale Ale
Fire 6.0% Chipotle Rauchbier (special)
Boring Brown Beer (Barrel-Aged) 6.5% Barrel-aged Imperial Best Bitter (rarity)
Coconhagen Interpretation 6.5% Coconut Stout Collaboration with Wild Weather
Fade to Black 6.5% Black IPA (special)
Safe Word 6.6% Chokeberry IPA
Five O'clock Shadow 7.0% American IPA

Beers on from 5pm! More details here.

Meet headbrewer/co-founder /bossman Bryan from 7pm!


Brew Club, Month of March Beer Residency
Mar 31

Brew Club, Month of March Beer Residency

  • Brew Club

For the entirety of March, we will be rocking a month-long tap residency at Brew Club. So you cannot complain about not being able to drink your Weird Beard fill this month.

The cool place-to-brew, has a taproom, where you can sup on a rotating selection of our freshest beers across 3 taps every weekend. Catch them open:

Friday: 6pm – 11pm
Saturday: 6pm – 11pm
Sunday: 2pm – 7pm

First up, this week, enjoy (click through the pumpclips):

Additionally, we'll be down for an informal Meet the Brewer event at Brew Club on Friday 24th March.

From 7PM on 24th March, join us as we talk through the beers we make, conduct a chilled tasting of what's on tap and meet the guys behind our beers!

Fade to Wit, London Release!
6:00 pm18:00

Fade to Wit, London Release!

  • Mother Kelly's

When Bryan and Natasha went over to the States, we collaborated with the amazing Left Hand Brewing in Colorado.

Together we made a black Witbier, "Fade To Wit", inspired by the fact both us and Left Hand have beers called "Fade to Black".

Left Hand will be hosting a special event at Mother Kelly's and our collab plus our Fade To Black will be rocking side-by-side their brews.  

Come along to join in with some of Team Weird Beard and even some of Team Left Hand for the London launch of our Fade to Wit!

2017 - 02 - Cantastical - Social Square-05.jpg
Weird Beard & Wild Weather Collabs Launch Party
Feb 17

Weird Beard & Wild Weather Collabs Launch Party

  • Brewdog Shepherds Bush

We kicked off the New Year with a fun and creative collaboration with friends at Wild Weather Ales. Both us and them took turns to brew a different beer at each other's brewery, which we intended to release as 2 beers, as well as a blend. And now the time has come to release and enjoy them and we're doing so at our favourite BrewDog bar in London, Brewdog Shepherd's Bush.

The 2 collabs which we'll be launching are:

The blend, which we know sounds a bit of a whacky thing to do but you'll have to take our word for it until you try it to find it works, will also be launched.

Expect another 10 beers, a range of styles, from us and another 10 from Wild Weather on tap. Taplist to be announced shortly so keep your eyes peeled. 

Meet the brewers from both parties in the evening.

So with that in mind and our dual-tap takeover across 23 taps, it sure is going to be a party!

The Italian Job at Mercato Metropolitano MTB
6:00 pm18:00

The Italian Job at Mercato Metropolitano MTB

  • The Italian Job at the Mercato Metropolitano

We're taking our Westerly London selves to the South-East side of town to showcase our beers at The Italian Job's other bar in the Mercato Metropolitano (MM). 

The MM is 45,000 square feet of market space that is a haven for all foodies with a range of International, not just Italian, artisanal produce. Sure, there's some phenomenal pizza and pasta but there's heaps of other delicious stuff and this Friday, we're looking after the beer! 

With 8 taps of our beers, we've got all styles covered.

💀 Taplist (all on KEG) 💀

Black Perle 3.8% (Coffee Milk Stout)

Hops Maiden England 4.5% (English Hopped Pale Ale)

Mariana Trench 5.3% (Transpacific Pale Ale)

Faithless Spreadsheet Ninja 5.5% (Black Pilsner)

Five O'Clock Shadow 7.0% (American IPA)

Master of Nuggets 7.0% (Mutant Brown Ale

Holy Hoppin' Hell 9.5% (Double IPA)

Sadako Bourbon Blend 9.5% (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)

Come along to sample, drink and enjoy! 

Meet Bryan, head-brewer and co-founder from 6pm, to find out more about all things Weird Beard.

Join the event page here, to keep in tune with any further info.

#Veganuary Beer & Food Pairing
7:00 pm19:00

#Veganuary Beer & Food Pairing

  • beer asylum

We're making our way back to the Beer Asylum but this time to match a selection of delicious vegan beers of ours with equally as delicious vegan food pairings. It is Veganuary and Natasha is our resident vegan after all! Expect 5 matches over the course of the evening.

Arrivals for 19.00 for a 19.30 event kick off.

The shop will take bookings through phoning the on 02084292400 and we can take payment over the phone or they can pop in to the shop to pay over the counter.

£20 per person. Limited to a few places, so book early to avoid disappointment folks!


London Invades Brussels
5:30 pm17:30

London Invades Brussels

  • Brussels Beer Project

We're kicking off 2017 with our first event of the year at Brussels Beer Project (BBP) with a tap-takeover alongside our mates Anspach & Hobday featuring new collaboration beers with BBP from both breweries.

We're bringing the following beers to the Brussels party:

Don’t Worry Bee Heavy - Scottish Wee Heavy - new collaboration with BBP

Churchill's Delusion - Tobacco Mild - previous collaboration with BBP

Sadako (Bourbon Barrel Aged) - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Little Things That Kill – Session IPA

5 O’Clock Shadow - American IPA

Find out what other beers will be on tap from our friends and event details here.

Winter Extravaganza Brewery Open Day
12:00 pm12:00

Winter Extravaganza Brewery Open Day

  • Weird Beard Brewery & Warehouse

Yes we know it's been a fair few months that we've had an Open Day at the brewery but trust us, we would have if we could have. Boy, was Autumn busy! So we're making sure we more than make up for skipping an October Open Day by making December's something well and truly special. Make sure you save the date and come on down for the event!

From our pop-up brewery taproom, expect:

  • Special beers on tap and in bottle for drinking-in
  • Releases of our exciting collaborations with Brussels Beer Project& also Against the Grain
  • Super rare barrel-aged beauties to enjoy
  • Artisanal snacks from our culinary-savvy friends such as Pig & Hay
  • Handmade tasty sodas from
  • Plenty of merch on sale for gifts and whatnot over the festive period
  • Informal, free brewery tours with our owners and brewers
  • A very rock'n'roll Christmas playlist - you can bet on good tunes!

And head a few doors down, to our warehouse to stock-up on take-out bottles for all your and your friends' Crimbo needs.

*We only sell take away bottles from our warehouse to avoid congestion at the taproom*

Tap-list to be announced in the lead-up. Keep your eyes peeled on our news and event pages.

The Beer Shop's 2nd Birthday Bash!
6:00 pm18:00

The Beer Shop's 2nd Birthday Bash!

  • The Beer Shop London

Join us in kicking off The Beer Shop London's 2nd birthday antics. Now, we all know the BEST birthday celebrations involve the best things of drink, food and tunes, so we're going all out on our contributions to the party!

In terms of beery birthday treats, the shop will have a Weird Beard Brew Co. extravaganza, with a full-fat tap takeover across all cask and keg lines. They've not forgotten to also sotck up on bottles, so there's loads to choose from and delight in. We're bringing plenty of exciting stuff, some big stuff and all the cool stuff for you to drink and enjoy. Our beers will be on from the Thursday and all through the shops' weekend-long celebrations.  

Meet the (head)Brewer, also co-founder/owner, Weird Beard Bryan, on Thursday eve. Since music is a must and you ought to know, we take our music seriously, Weird Beard Tasha has planned your not-so-average-beer-tasting. Instead join in a beer & music pairing with specially curated tunes by Bryan and Natasha.

We're going to rock and roll all night...come along!

33rd Pigs Ear Beer & Cider Festival
Dec 3

33rd Pigs Ear Beer & Cider Festival

  • Round Chapel

Back again, that we are, for this year's Pigs Ear Festival in Hackney. As ever Pigs Ear, host a wonderful, beer-ful few days at the Round Chapel and we won't be missing out on the occasion.

We're bringing the following special, Winter-warming casks:

  • Black Christmas, 4.5% Cranberry Christmas Stout

  • Dead By Dawn, 5.6% Coffee & Cherry Milk Stout

  • Night of The Ryeclops, 6.9% Rye Stout

  • Safe Stout, 7.7% Chokeberry Stout

We're missed off the guide (DOH!) but be sure to find our ales pouring at the event.

See some more of the beers that will be on here.

Fourpure V.S Weird Beard - Battle of the Breweries
Nov 26

Fourpure V.S Weird Beard - Battle of the Breweries

  • The Stoneworks

We've got a friend called Steve, Not only is he a fellow brewer but he's recently setup a craft beer bar in Peterborough, which if you ask us is a quite a lot of work to give oneself. But Steve, is one ambitious man and we're delighted to make it up to his bar, The Stoneworks, to showcase our beers in a fun dual-taptakeover.

We've got 11 beers on keg: from our solid core range to some occasionals and throwing in some bad ass, rare specials for good measure. Meanwhile our friends at Fourpure Brewing Co. will be gracing another 11 lines with their beery delights. Attendees can pick and vote for their favourite brews. Limited t-shirts and merch will be available on the night also and you get to meet some special guests too. From our team, expect Bryan (head-brewer, co-founder) and Natasha (fun coordinator) to talk about everything from beers to brewing.

See the Facebook page for more details. Roll on Friday!

Redemption & Weird Beard Collab Launch and DUal Tap Takeover
12:00 pm12:00

Redemption & Weird Beard Collab Launch and DUal Tap Takeover

  • Craft Beer CO Clerkenwell

This event is probably the most immense tap takeover we've had the pleasure to do and alongside Redemption, who we've recently collaborated with. Saturday 19th November, we bring to you our South Pacific Pale collab and plenty of other tasty beer-treats and merch. 

From ourselves on all the Keg-lines:
-South Pacific Pale Collab w/Redemption – 6.2%
-Mariana Trench – 5.3%
-Little Things That Kill – 3.9%
-Five O'clock Shadow – 7.0%
-Black Perle – 3.8%
-Sadako – 9.5%
-Bourbon BA Sadako – 9.5%
-Something Something Darkside – 9.2%
-Bourbon Aged Double Perle – 8.6%
-Sorachi Face Plant – 8.1%
-Dark Hopfler – 2.5%
-Decadence Stout – 5.5%
-Saison 14 – 5.6%
-Smoke - 6.0%
-Fire - 6.0%
-Rye Smile - 10.6%
-Bourbon BA Rye Smile - 10.6%
-Hops Maiden England - 4.5% (Wet Hop Target and Phoenix) and Olicarna Edition
-Dead by Dawn - 5.6%
-Night of The Ryeclops - 6.9%
-Safe Stout - 7.7%

And from our friends at Redemption on all the Cask-lines:
-South Pacific Pale Collab w/Weird Beard – 6.2%
-Trinity - 3%
-Pale Ale - 3.8%
-Rock the Kazbek - 4%
-Hopspur - 4.5%
-Urban Dusk - 4.6%
-Fellowship Porter - 5.1%
-Big Chief - 5.5%
-Orange Dusk - 4.6%
-Little Chief - 4.3% -
-Mango Chief - 5.5%
-Coffee Vanilla Fellowship Porter - 5.1%
-Double Dry Hopped Trinity - 3%
-Rum and Raisin Porter - 5.1%

See you there!

Guy Fawkes at Kline's Beer Hall, Denver
Nov 6

Guy Fawkes at Kline's Beer Hall, Denver

  • Kline's Beer Hall

Continuing on with our escapades around the USA, we're bringing our beers, beards and beer-loving selves to the state of Colorado. Being English and all, it seems fitting we make a bit of a song and a dance out of Guy Fawkes' Night. We've even made a Lup'in for the occasion, got ourselves Vendetta masks and suggest you do too! 

Meet our headbrewer/co-founder Bryan and fun-coordinator Natasha from 7pm to talk about our brews and brewery and simply hang out too. Our beers will be showcasing alongside other awesome brews at Kline's Beer Hall, with its impressive number of taps for the evening. Surely, the night's bound to go out with a bang!

Halloween at Villains, Chicago
5:00 pm17:00

Halloween at Villains, Chicago

  • Villains

Whilst some of us are on an epic tour of the States, we're making sure our beers make it into some awesome bars, festivals and are brought to as many people. Unsurprisingly, we're massive fans of Halloween and we all know the Americans don't half-arse that holiday. So catch headbrewer/co-founder Bryan and fun-coordinator Natasha, all dressed up for Beggar's Night in Chicago. Plenty of our beers will be taking over the taps at Villains. Here's to a Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!

Shelton Brothers Festival 2016
Oct 29

Shelton Brothers Festival 2016

  • copper and kings

We're ecstatic to be back at The Festival, held by Shelton Brothers Inc, the great guys that get our beers over to the US of A. This time, the festival is held in Bourbon Country, Louisville to be specific.

Bryan and Natasha will be pouring at the event where we're bringing our A game for 2 days of beery fun with our friends and other really fantastic breweries from around the world. Click here for the list!

See y'all there.

Collabfest 2016
Oct 23

Collabfest 2016

  • BrewDog Shoreditch

Collabfest is coming!

That’s the 3rd time we’ve teamed up with a local BrewDog bar and made great beer together. The first time was with BrewDog Camden, making K*ntish Town Beard; the second was with BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush, making Safe Word.

This time around, we paired up with BrewDog Shoreditch and made Dead By Dawn. More about the beer's release here.

Head to Shoreditch for the launch of all the #collabfest2016 beers from noon on Saturday and catch some of the team down from 5pm to talk about the beer brewed.  And boy, we can’t wait for you to see the special edition illustration our mate Nico from the bar has come up with for the label.

It’s going to be Groovy!

IndyManBeerCon 2016
Oct 9

IndyManBeerCon 2016

  • Victoria Baths

For yet another year, we’re showcasing our special beers at one of the most prestigious, enjoyable and fantastic-beer-filled UK Beer festivals.

Need we recount the wonderful times we’ve shared at IndyManBeerCon (IMBC) in the past and how much we’re looking forward to all the funtimes ahead.

Find various faces (and beards) of the team around Thursday through to Sunday, with our beers pouring, served by us, from Saturday. All the details about the event times, beers pouring can be found here.

So what’s to get excited about beer-wise from us? Check the list for updates but Macallan Barrel Aged Weird Brodmance is certainly something we cannot wait for.

Beer Asylum Beer Tasting
7:30 pm19:30

Beer Asylum Beer Tasting

  • Beer Asylum

When we met Jason of Beer Asylum earlier this year at one of our events, we agreed that on the shop's opening we'd do a tasting. And with it now open, we're pleased to be doing just that.

So lined up, we've got a chilled out evening ahead of us: of beers and beer chats.

The £10 ticket covers 6 samples of our brews and a tutored tasting with Weird Beard Tasha over a couple of hours.

The beers of the night range from our solid core brews to rarer specials including:

See Beer Asylum's event page here.

Catch you folks there!

#BeatTheBrewer Draft House Old Street
6:00 pm18:00

#BeatTheBrewer Draft House Old Street

  • Old Street Draft House

There's no better way to wind down as the weekend comes a'knocking than with a beer in hand and a game of Mario Kart.

So come join us, play against the team, hell...try and beat us at it, and enjoy a select few special brews on tap!

On Cask:

  • Hops Maiden England, 4.5% - UK hopped Pale Ale & our latest Prototype (v.3 Archer, UK Cascade and Target)
  • Curse of the Ryeclops, 7.5% - Rye I.P.A & a limited release on cask tonight

On Keg:

  • Mariana Trench, 5.3% - Transpacific Pale Ale & our flagship brew
  • Duke of Dank, 6.3% - seasonally brewed Red I.P.A
  • Sadako, 9.5% - our imperial stout

The games commence from 6pm but you may meet the brewers and pitch your questions about our beers, brewery and team throughtout the course of the night.

Leeds International Beer Festival 2016
Sep 11

Leeds International Beer Festival 2016

  • Leeds Town Hall

We made it for Year 3 and Year 4, so why miss out on Year 5?

Leeds International Beer Festival (LIBF) is fast approaching and you better be there!

Here's a list of the festival times, for which you pay a small admission for:

Thursday - Evening Session 5-11pm

Friday - Day Session 12-5pm, Evening Session 6-11pm

Saturday - Day Session 12-5pm, Evening Session 6-11pm

 Sunday - Day Session 12-5pm

And here are the delicious beers we're bringing to pour & sell*:

Some of the bove beers, will be rare, barrel-aged versions so keep our eyes peeled on the pumpclips.

Book tickets, grab tokens in advance and find more info here!

*Token only payment FYI

Friends Of Ham Tap Takeover & Beer Chat
5:00 pm17:00

Friends Of Ham Tap Takeover & Beer Chat

  • Friends of Ham Leeds

Just to be sure those folk going from Leeds Beer Week into Leeds International Beer Festival (LIBF), don't suffer from a day off beer, we're bridging the gap with an evening of great beers on tap at Friends of Ham.

Our LIBF pre-festival line-up will raise the bar for a weekend of some truly fantastic beers. With 6 beers on keg and 2 on cask, including specials and limited release brews, here's what's on tap from 5pm.

Little things that Kill, 3.9% Session IPA
Mariana Trench, 5.3% Transpacific Pale Ale
Saison 14, 5.6% Saison
Duke of Dank, 6.7% Pacific NW Red IPA
Double Perle, 8.6% Imperial Coffee Milk Stout
Rye Smile, 10.6% Rye Wine

7th Church of the Apocalyptic Lawnmower, 6.5% Dark Cream Ale (Anspach & Hobday collab)
5 O’clock Shadow, 7% American IPA

Being Friends of Ham, you can bet you can get yourself some fine charcuterie! Feel free also to join in the beer chat downstairs from 7pm, with Weird Beard Tasha. Bookings taken in advance online or simply rock up. For a fiver you'll get 3 flight of drinks on entry and a seat downstairs for the brewers' talk.

Good Beer Feast
2:00 pm14:00

Good Beer Feast

  • Sainte-Catherine

Our friends at Brussels Beer Project are celebrating their 1 year anniversary in their brewery based in Dansaert. To mark this happy occasion, they are throwing a beer festival called Good Beer Feast. Everyone knows the best kinda parties are those which offer great beer.

We're thrilled to be 1 of the 14 craft breweries invited over to celebrate and pour at this festival. Select small breweries from all over the world: UK, Spain, France, Norway, name it, will be down for this event. It's going to be a blast!

Catch headbrewer & co-founder Bryan attending the event and Event Manager Natasha pouring our beers. Feast your eyes on the line-up that we're bringing to the party:

Black Perle 3.8% - Award-winning Coffee Milk Stout

Curse of the Ryeclops 7.5% - a Rye IPA

Something Something Barrel Aged 9.2% - Bourbon Barrel Aged Double India Stout

Defacer 11.1% - a Triple IPA

Details for the event may be found here. Pre-sale tickets are no longer available but you can surely buy on-the-door and join in the fun.

Brewda - Breda's Bierfestival
Sep 4

Brewda - Breda's Bierfestival

  • Electron breda

We're super stoked to be one of the international breweries at Brewda this weekend! The festival, in its third year running, is an initiative of brewery Frontaal and is held annually in Breda, South Netherlands.

Catch Ryan pouring 4 beers per day, over the 2 days, with these beers showcasing:

Black Perle 3.8% - Award-winning Coffee Milk Stout

Mariana Trench 5.3% - our flagship Transpacific Pale Ale

Hops Maiden England 4.5% - an English Hopped Pale Ale

Safe Word 6.6% - a Juicy Chokeberry IPA

Curse of the Ryeclops 7.5% - a Rye IPA

Double Perle 8.6% - an Imperial Coffee Milk Stout

Something Something Dark Side 9.5% - a Double India Stout

Saison 28 10.2% - an Imperial Farmhouse Ale

There are plenty of fantastic beers to try and enjoy from us and others. It's going to be a great weekend.

Tickets may be booked here

Cardiff BrewFest 2016
Aug 28

Cardiff BrewFest 2016

  • Depot Cardiff

We're pleased to announce we'll be there and serving our beers at Wales' 1st ever fully independent Craft Beer Festival, which is Cardiff BrewFest.

Brought to you by Otley Brewing Co. and Tiny Rebel, the second year of this festival is set to be a very good one indeed. See details here and book yourselves tickets here.

Pre-festival we'll be posting up some of the beers we'll be taking on our blog. You can be sure we'll have 4 taps pouring of some really cool, fresh, special and new stock.


*Cheers! in Welsh in case you don't know
London Craft Beer Festival 2016
Aug 14

London Craft Beer Festival 2016

  • Oval Space

London's most exciting beer festival is back as part of London Beer City.

Each year we look forward to London Craft Beer Festival (LCBF) and there's no exception as we return for yet another one.

What do tickets to this event get you? 






From us, expect 4 taps of amazing beer on per session including some truly special stuff, served by our team & brewers. It's all about discovering new beers and we've got plenty novel and plenty for everyone. 

Some of the brews we'll be bringing will be announced here nearer the time.

Book tickets here and we'll see you there!

London Beer City Special Open Day
12:00 pm12:00

London Beer City Special Open Day

  • Weird Beard Brewery & Warehouse

London Beer City unpretentiously but surely offers some of the best beer events London has in the height of summertime. And because we’re not ones to miss out, we’re lined up something special in terms of our next Open Day.

Head over to our brewery for no ordinary Sunday shenanigans. In store for LBC we’ve got these added exciting going ons:

- London Beer City collab beer pouring

- London Beer City special raffle: win a free drink, bottles of beer or merchandise

- Entirely special or new release beer on taps (line-up TBA on blog)

- Exclusive Brewery pin beer: we’re kicking off this feature with Defacer

- Extended opening times til 8pm

As well as all the usual we’ve got:

· Varous core, seasonal or rare bottles for drink-in or take-out

· Seasonal & refreshing Square Root Sodas

· Chomptastic Karkli snacks

· Delicious Pig & Hay Scotch Eggs and Sausage Rolls

· Branded Pint. Stemmed Halves or Craft Master glassware

· Hoodies and various T-shirt designs on sale

· Meet the brewers, co-founders and our team

· Informal brewery tours, just ask one of us

· Good tunes that range from punk, rock and sometimes shouty.

Reminder: our Warehouse (Unit 9) is for off-sales only, and our Brewery (Unit 5) is for drinks-in only!

We look forward to you coming on down!